Eleven put together a Top Rated research team to fulfil the highest expectations from investors and fund managers in Brazil and abroad.

Considering Brazilian capital markets shall be the a solid and clear destination to global liquidity in the years ahead, it is mandatory that money managers can add to their own experience a unique independent analysis in Brazilian market.

We mix an unprecedented combination of awarded with young and deeply prepared analysts, delivering a world-class research for our clients.

Get to know what we can make for your investments decisions and risk management for asset allocation, stock picking, fixed income or bonds.


Over the past years, all major players have reduced their research staff or even removed, consuming basically what is offered from banks and major players.

That is where an independent and top level quality research fits so well. Either taking spot projects or full outsourcing contracts, our team delivers a solid combination between, risk, reward and cost effective analysis.

A combination between on-demand jobs with, in company presentations, where our analysts deliver into your conference room a full disclosure of our analysis of every asset, investment or allocation strategy ordered.

Understand how you can have a full and multi-skill research team working for you so your focus and resources can remain straight directed into your business needs. All of it, without incurring in major costs, mainly related to headcount and data platforms.


This is the heart of all analysis made by Eleven Financial’s team. All market projection utilizes to define models, cost of capital, valuation metrics, sector issues are set by our team of economists.

The deepest macroeconomic knowledge, allowing foreign investors to understand in every detail the environment related to each of its investments.

Multinational companies from all major sectors use our Elevenconomics team to define their budgets, planning and forecasts. We help C-Level executives and shareholders to make more assertive decisions based on correct data, analytics and risk management issues stated by Eleven Financial.

Learn how you can take advantage of our experience to deliver the best results for your company.

Meet the success stories of the Eleven Financial Team and have this team
Working for you and the investments of your clients.

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